Roxy's Riddle Room

eastervampire said: I had two of those,welcome to the ”kids who had ass holes as fathers” club

we need t-shirts 

*hug* If you need someone to talk to let me know okay

Okay thank you 

stuff like that just always puts me in a bad mood 

karltoons said: Remember she is far beyond anybodies help, nothing she says could ever be wrong in her doomed mind, she will never be able to do anything to correct her behaviour without being able to admit fault.


Sounds like my dad 

Ugh, great... She really doesn't know when to quit does she? -_-


I just replied to her comment. 

Asking if she could color my work?? 

The only reason I replied is because I know that if I didn’t say anything, she’d somehow take it as a “sure! Do whatever you want because I love you and you’re Totally not crazy”

She Literally made a piece like, a day ago saying “I hope Roxy’s learned her lesson about blocking a Paranormal Reaper Fan and got away with it. I mean??? 

man I tell ya. What a headache. Oy. 


Do you think Jenny, Mandy and Blossom would find it attractive if at one point during an intense situation their boys just lost it and took control and became dominant for like, five minutes?

Oh My God 

Could you Imagine their reactions? 

Dear Roxy I have a secret I ship elf boy and Nick together plz don't hate me :(

lol most of the DR fandom ships those two 

Why would I hate you for having Awesome taste?~

the reason I think Tootie and Buttercup works out so well is bc not only is it just a happy casual thing but their personalities clash in a way that is healthy and comfortable. It's not healthy to be in a relationship with someone so different from you neither is it healthy to be with someone exactly like you. They'd be happy together and not bored by it. Sexuality has no valid reason these two cant be together okay.

I just read a thing about the powerpuff girls being in different halls. So, what classes are they in?

Blossom - Genius Sanctum (will write classes later) 

Bubbles and Buttercup - Brawl Hall 

I really like your art style for Gaz :)


I tried to go with a hairstyle no one’s gone with yet